Jemstone Construction 

Group, Inc. 


License #CGC 1511063


Let us help you build your business and your dreams. We take a lot of the guess work out for you.  We can work after hours so we don't disrupt your business.  Many commercial jobs and commercial build outs require us to do a large portion of the work through the night so during the day they can be making money. 

Quantum Plaza, Boynton Beach. Commercial build out off Gateway Blvd for a chiropractor. Commercial alterations vary between each job. Every interior renovation is different. Every commercial alteration requires different material, or special specifications.

Mission Bay barber shop in Boca Raton, FL. The bathroom in a commercial property must meet ADA standards and requirements. Commercial build outs often require after-hours construction. We make sure we accommodate business owners with minimal disruptions.

Part of a before of a sound proof room for a Hearing Doctor in Delray Beach, FL. When the doctor brought their hearing testing specialist in to test to make sure it was sound proof, the specialist said it tested the highest ever for soundproofing. We have since done more work for the doctor.

Quantum Plaza, Boynton Beach. Before and after of  My Community Pharmacy - on Gateway Blvd. 5,000 sq ft interior renovation. 

Changes made to the interior of a commercial property.  These changes made are typically office retail or industrial property to accommodate specific needs of a tenant.  No space is EVER the same. As commercial build out contractors we can help you make the most of your space.